We are Knowledge Observer

We create innovative, intuitive, and scalable solutions.

Facilitating the research process. Transforming the way researchers train, interact, and create knowledge.

Our Perspective

Empowering Knowledge Makers

We believe that the best way to advance knowledge is by empowering those who create it – scholars, researchers, and scientists – and the institutions that support them.

Design with You in Mind.

We’re passionate about creating a better workday for you. So, we start by understanding your needs and preferences, tasks, and environments. We then turn your needs into products fusing form and function to deliver a more efficient, satisfying, and user-friendly experience. All is tailored around you.

It’s About the Workflow

Our innovative, intuitive, and scalable researcher-centric solutions are designed to transform the knowledge creation process through the introduction of efficiency, effectiveness, and interactivity into your workflow.

Our History

We're based in Toronto, Canada.

  • 2011

    Recognition of the need for an online branding tool for scholars and researchers & ideation of the Scholabrate platform

  • 2013

    Realization of the continued demand for a tool like Scholabrate & incorporation of the Company

  • 2014 - 2017

    Research & Development

  • 2017

    Initial roll-out of Scholabrate - the professional social network for researchers

  • 2020

    Due to COVID-19, certain KO operations suspended.

Transformative at the Core

By enabling researchers, we seek to enrich the various stages of the scholarly life-cycle; help researchers maximize their scholarly footprint; and transform the way researchers train, interact, and create knowledge.


Institutional Benefits

Empowered researchers means recognition of their institutions as knowledge centers and thought leaders!

Meet our Founder

Aviv Pichhadze

Dr. Aviv Pichhadze

Founder & CEO

Aviv is responsible for guiding the strategic direction of, and product development at, Knowledge Observer with the goal of creating researcher oriented solutions that will transform the way researchers train, interact, and collaborate in the 21st century.

A legal scholar specializing in corporate governance and regulation, Aviv`s contributions are available in leading peer-reviewed publications. Aviv also acted as a reviewer for leading journals such as Regulation & Governance and Corporate Governance: An International Review.

Bringing to his role at Knowledge Observer nearly 15 years of experience in the post-secondary education sector – as a student, researcher, and instructor – Aviv understands the scholarly life-cycle and the need for creating researcher-centric solutions. In addition to his extensive involvement with the academic world, Aviv brings to Knowledge Observer nearly 15 years of legal and corporate finance experience.

Aviv holds BSc, LLB, MBA, LLM (Securities), LLM (Tax), and PhD.

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