One Professional Plan

ScholaTeam™ — Scholabrate’s Audience Engagement & Collaboration tool — makes it easier to position yourself as a thought leader, boost your productivity, maximize your scholarly footprint, and save time.

All Scholabrate members have access to ScholaPro™.

Enjoy a total of 30 GB of storage and file sharing space; unlimited channels and direct messaging; and  unlimited searchable message archives.


what else your get


Secure single-sign-on (SSO) access and HTTPS-encryption (SSL).


A single sign-on opens the doors to all your professional interactions. It’s that easy.


Accessible on your desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Unlimited Channels

Create a channel for every topic or project you want.

Public/Private Channels

Gather your team, open a channel, and start. Want feedback from the broader audience? Just change your channel’s settings to “Public”.

1-to-1 & Group Meetings

Drop a note to a friend or organize a couple around a topic or project. You can even create an Announcement Board for a circle of colleagues.

Video & Audio Meetings

Enjoy build-in voice and video calls available for group and 1-on-1 meetings.

IM and Chat

Can’t join a live session? Text your thoughts. Your colleagues will get the message.


Express yourself with emoji. A picture tells a thousand words

Multimedia Messages

Leave video and audio messages to your colleagues and team members.

File Sharing

Drag, drop, and share your files. Everyone one your team will have access.

Team Roles

Empower your team by assigning roles.

Searchable Messages

We like transparency. Messages on your channels are archived, indexed, and fully searchable.

Screen Sharing (Beta)

On a call and need to share your screen? No problem! Just click the share screen icon.


Set your own channel preferences for channels you create.


Never miss a bit. Get notified when someone mentions you or words/phrases you designate in channels your are a member of.

features are updates continuously

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