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Built on everything we learned from scholars, scientists, researchers, and their institutions, Scholabrate represents the next generation of Academic Social Networks (“ASNs”). Scholabrate defies conventional ideas, allowing researchers to maximize their scholarly footprint and to celebrate research institutions as knowledge centers.

    Aviv Pichhadze, CEO and founder of Knowledge Observer, the company behind Scholabrate, says … ‘We asked instead, how do you highlight the individual as opposed to the product?EdSurge

    Scholabrate. Everything in One Place.

    Intuitive and easy-to-use design is only the beginning.


    Develop your researcher brand. Enhance your online visibility. Maximize your scholarly footprint.



    Simplify the process of professional discovery. Connect with peers and colleagues. Foster lasting professional relations.



    Across the hall or across the globe, we’ve levelled the technology playing field with equal access to all to share, collaborate, and innovate. No team is too small or too big.



    Start a conversation or Join one. Share your thoughts and ideas. Enable your voice to be heard. Make the difference.



    Empower your research career related decisions based on insights from trusted data.

    “Much more than the sum of its parts, we designed Scholabrate to inspire fulfillment and raise expectations for the research community as a whole!”

    Dr. Aviv Pichhadze
    Founder, Knowledge Observer Inc.

    The Soul of Knowledge Society.

    We’re on a quest to profoundly shift the way research is created, delivered, and received. Start a project or join the conversation and move the knowledge forward.


    Celebrating your scholarship every day shouldn’t take much effort. Drop a note “Hello” to a friend, share a post, join the conversation or start one. All from the comfort of single space.

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